Frequently Asked Questions


How is this different than any other over the air provider avaiable today?


Big Business wants to be profitable. To be profitable they need to minimize infrastructure costs, maximize subscribers, and push the limitations of their tower links and backhaul pipe beyond capacity just to make a $. Therefore, as more subscribers are added to the towers, (without any upgrades) profit goes up, BUT the link gets more and more saturated and over time service continually degrades. This is called oversubscribing.


Why is no one else doing this?


Simple answer……. It’s NOT very profitable….. The infrastructure can be very expensive and the rural community subscriber base is shrinking. It’s not where they want to focus business effort and money.  But if a community bands together and gets behind it.  We can make it work!


Most important..... What are MY costs?

This is the hardest question to answer without proper investigation and research in your community.  

Quick answer... It depends on the number of interested subscribers/shareholders.  The physical layout and landscape of the community.  Viable locations for back haul fiber.   With more community support, the lower the cost for all. 

 Our intent is to be a co-operative with full cost transparency. Our goal is to own it with you.......